High speed rail on fast track for Geelong

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Geelong is Victoria’s second largest city and the second fastest growing city in Australia is on track for a high speed rail.

The Victorian Government is investing in detailed planning work and technical investigations to determine a preferred option for high speed fast rail between Melbourne and Geelong.

The preferred option will maximise benefits of a future Melbourne Airport Rail Link by integrating it with the existing network and unlocking capacity in Melbourne’s booming west and north.

Investigations will focus on these key areas:

  • More frequent and more reliable regional services, including priority investigation of fast rail to Geelong.
  • Dedicated rolling stock capable of speeds in excess of anything currently operating in Victoria.
  • Electrification of services in the fastest growing parts of Victoria, including Wyndham Vale and Melton.
  • Developing plans for a rail link to Melbourne Airport, servicing all Victorians via connections to the metropolitan and regional rail network.
  • A new transport superhub at Sunshine to facilitate better integration of rail services.

A Geelong high speed Fast Rail Reference Group will provide community input and feedback into the development of the project. The Reference Group will be chaired by Member for Geelong Christine Couzens and include community representatives living in and around Geelong, along with stakeholders from councils, businesses, transport users, indigenous groups and educational institutions.


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